Tell That Newburgh & Evansville, IN Rain to Go Away

Tell That Newburgh & Evansville, IN Rain to Go Away

JMT waterproofing services will keep high waters at bay

You could continue contacting JMT for water mitigation assistance, or you could spring for waterproofing services in Newburgh. We frequently seal off residential properties from the elements. JMT Restoration is in the business of providing effective solutions, so contact us today for yours. We’ll gladly complete any waterproofing project, including:

  • Crawl space draining – we’ll drain your tile systems, trench around the interior of your home and run pipes to your sump pump well. This moves water flow away from your house.
  • Basement sealing – let us seal off your basement and transfer water flow to your sump pump system. You’ll enjoy a dry and usable basement once again.
  • Floor painting – if you put serious money into your floors, we can protect those, too. JMT will seal and paint your surfaces for maximum water protection.

Call 812-455-8174 to request your free consultation.

Newburgh, Indiana's restoration team goes the extra yard

Sometimes, flooding problems start with the yard, so JMT Restoration offers a variety of yard tiling packages. We'll properly irrigate your grass and control the flow of water using yard tiles. If exterior structures like decks or porches are contributing to flooding issues, we can remove those on your behalf. You call the shots - and the restoration experts - in Newburg & Evansville, IN.